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a collection of music made while moving often around and previously released on compilations between 2004 and 2008. bonus track a previously unreleased version of Bleeding 4 Africa.

included : 7zip pack with the flac files (the mp3s are only to preview).

extra free content : sample pack from Bleeding 4 Africa (34 samples flac format) 2 videos from the DVD Dervish released in very limited number 10 years ago. 3 icon packs for a total of 102 icons in Mac/Win/Linux format. 45 animated GIFs.

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just wow

a loop captured last night. free to download and abuse the wav stem. do something with it and bounce it back 2 me.

Trade is very old. In the state of nature, trade is something people do to their enemies. They don’t trade with kin.

A person gives things, just as she gives songs or stories or visions to her kin. The receiver may or may not reciprocate on some other occasion. The giving is the source of satisfaction. We will be so far removed from this, we will not understand. That will be our shortcoming, not hers.She trades only with enemies. If a hostile group, whether near or distant, has something she wants, she and several well-armed cousins go to the hostiles with something the hostiles might want. She offers her gift, and the hostiles had better offer the thing she wants on the spot or she’ll carry her gift right back to her village.Soon after the rise of the first Ur, trade becomes extensive. Virtually everyone is now everyone else’s enemy.

— Fredy Perlman (Against His-Story, Against Leviathan)

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Australian security agencies are now allowed to read and modify data on your computer. They are immune from prosecution for abusing their powers. Whistleblowers and journalists can be jailed for up to 10 years if they expose any government programs that protect you from terrorism.

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